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Minecraft RadarBro Mod Updates 22.03.2013

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RadarBro Mod Updates

  • You can add players as an Ally or an Enemy, and they will show up on your radar as either green or red respectively.
  • As you type a player’s name to add as an Ally or Enemy, names that match what you are typing based on the players currently in the game will appear to make player entry faster.
  • You can toggle on and off Auto Rotation and Player Names.
  • The settings for the radar as well as the Ally/Enemy lists are saved in your Minecraft directory at: .minecraft\mods\RadarBro\
  • The radar shows mobs, players, allies, enemies, and entities. You can toggle each icon on and off to focus on only what you are looking for.
RadarBro Mod 150x150 RadarBro Mod Minecraft 1.5/1.5.1

RadarBro Mod Features

  • Ability to zoom in and out of radar
  • Customizable settings for size, colors, etc.
  • Height filter – show only entities above or below what you set
  • Notifications – for ally/enemy entering view or nearby creepers
Big Thank and Credit must go to Cali Alec as developers this awesome RadarBro Mod, we really like and appreciate your mod, because it’s fully helpfull to playing minecraft. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like RadarBro Mod
RadarBro Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.5/1.5.1
  1. Download and install Modloader
  2. Download the RadarBro Mod files at link below
  3. Drag and drop the contents of the mod (the class files and radaricons.png file) into the WinRAR window that has minecraft.jar open.
  4. Delete META-INF folder from minecraft.jar
  5. Done, Play and Enjoy!


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