Minecraft Harita Modu Other Planet Map for 1.6.2

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OtherPlanet Map 
Minecraft Harita Modu Other Planet Map for 1.6.2

OtherPlanet Map for Minecraft 1.6.2 Main Features!

  • The main features to this map are simply the challenges the creator of the map sets you. The whole idea behind this map is that it pushes and challenges your Minecraft knowledge and skill.
  • Your main aim is to survive, but other challenges include ‘build three pistons’. You are also challenged to build a stone brick house, and a lava moat!
  • The design and layout of this map is very cool. A spherical planet with only a few trees, made mostly of dirt and stone!

OtherPlanet Map for Minecraft 1.6.2 Rules!

The rules of this map are simple. Do NOT leave the planet, DON’T use mods, use a small render distance and play on either normal or hard difficulty!

OtherPlanet Map for Minecraft 1.6.2 Pros and Cons!


  • One good thing about this Minecraft map is that it challenges you. Which is something that not a lot of Minecraft maps does.
  • This map stays very simple and has an easy download. It also works with the likes of OptiFine and MCPATCHER.


  • There are no bad things about this map, it is just a compact and clever map!

OtherPlanet Map for Minecraft 1.6.2 Changelogs!

  • There are currently no public change logs for this map.

How to install the OtherPlanet Map for Minecraft 1.6.2!

  1. Firstly, I would recommend installing OptiFine to play this map as it will simply just allow the map to run better in general!
  2. Next, download OtherPlanet Map and drag and drop the .zip files into the following location: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves.
  3. Next, open your Minecraft main menu, select the chosen save file and enjoy your new map!


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